1011 HE Postcode Amsterdam

1011 HE postcode is located in the city/district of Amsterdam, state of Noord-holland. Postcode in Netherlands are in the NNNN AA format, where N represents a single number and A represents a single alphabet.This consists of the following locality: Nieuwe Hoogstraat. The below map shows only areas/localities that are displayed in the list below, also there can be some areas which dont have a latitude/longitude and hence not displayed.

State: Noord-holland
City/District: Amsterdam
Postcode:1011 HE
Format: NNNN AA


Following are some of the areas covered under this postcode. Also wherever possible we have provided nearby landmarks for each of these areas so that these locations can be accurately be found.

  • Nieuwe Hoogstraat
    • NameTypeDistance
      Station Amsterdam Amstel
      [Lat:52.3466, Long:4.91745]
      Train Station349 Mtrs
      [Lat:52.34639, Long:4.91778]
      Train Station378 Mtrs
      [Lat:52.3525, Long:4.91278]
      Train Station462 Mtrs
      [Lat:52.34499, Long:4.91703]
      Tower502 Mtrs